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Monday, February 28, 2011


just dont know why...
honestly, i can't see you...
i can't see whether this is true or just a dream or a lie...
i can't see your love,
i don't even know what and who's there inside your heart,
and what you actually thinking..
i'm truly confused... me the way...
don't left me alone in this dark side..

"Akuyangmencoret" ^_^


Love is unconditional commitment to an imperfect person.
To love somebody isn't just a strong feeling,
it is a decision,
a judgement,
and a promise..

there are a lot of people who called you by your name,
but, there is only ONE PERSON who can manke it so damn special..

~actually one of this is belong to him, but i just cannot find the right time yet to give it to him..~

"Akuyangmencoret" ^_^

mAse kEcIk2.. ;)

mse ni nk amik sijil tadika..hehe..
tgk kening i tu, smpai senget kne makeup kt cikgu..huhu..

ni pose sblm g skolah tadika la..
hehe..sme org ckp ak tembam mse kcik..skg cne?? ;p

ni plak gmba mse ad prtndingan menari...
dlu kcik2 i ni pndai menari kot..haha
skg xtaw la bley lg x.. ;p

p/s : tme je la gmba ni seadanye ye..huhu dh buruk n kabur la gmba nih..byg kn la dh bpe taun..huhu..

"Akuyangmencoret" ^_^

i dont want you to be superman, i just wants you to be my man.. ;)

"Akuyangmencoret" ^_^

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Mr.Batman vs Ms.Sailormoon

haha...ingt lg x character2 ni??

ala...dlm cite2 katun mse kcik2 dlu kn... ;p

ak mse kcik2 dlu ske bebeno tgk cite sailormoon...

haha... "dengan kuasa bulan akan menghukum mu!! "

ni la dialog femes..haha

die ckp, "pndai ye berangan cm cte pahlawan.." haha ;p

bukan nk brangan just cm comel je character2 ni kn..

ni smua muncul mse ktorg nk attend mlm "italian masquerade" aritu la..

korg ase cne, ssuai ke Mr.Batman ngan Ms.Sailormoon ni??
give me some comment ok.. ;p

*ok x klaw 2 character ni bergandingan?? ;p

"Akuyangmencoret" ^_^

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

such a wonderfull feelings....
but will it last forever??

"Akuyangmencoret" ^_^

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Italian Masquerade..

hai alll..... ;)
lme dh xupdate blog nih...
bkn ape,tp ttbe je xde idea nk mnulis...
sory ye smua...huhu
tp arini ade suprise!!!
new pic....

"Akuyangmencoret" ^_^

Monday, February 7, 2011

NeTBalL TimE...

kali ni i xnk ckp bnyk, nk ltak gmba je..hehe
sgt sukeee gmba ni... ;)

ni gmba i ngan Aruna, player ntball M"sia...
bangga seyh.. ;p

"Akuyangmencoret" ^_^

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

i'm back...

ai smua...
actually bnyk nk cte...
tp kn sbb gmba xtrnsfer lg, so xsyok nk cte...
nk i upload gmba i cte ye...
best la gk cuti ni...
tp penat la skit...
ni pun xblik umah lg, kt bukit jalil umh akak...
mlm ni br nk blik kmpg...
ok, see u next time... :)

"Akuyangmencoret" ^_^