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Saturday, February 4, 2012

~Student Life~

Have you ever felt that 24 hour in a day just not enough? Or heard people sigh ‘if only I have more hours in a day, more days in a week”. It will never happen! Instead, try to plan what you going to do in 24hour.
Student often complain they do not have enough time on assignment and revision. But they do not realize that they spend more time doing things they should not do. Here is few tips on how to manage a student’s life.

1) Cut down FACEBOOK time
2) Do the little things. Washing your clothes and shoes, tidying your room.
3) Set a time limit for every activities you do.
4) Get your workout at least 30minutes, three times in a week.
5) Spend some time on reading newspaper. Student spend most of their time on watching movies, chatting, gaming…etc, without knowing the current issues.
6) Take Breaks. Sleep early, wakeup early. Breath in fresh air in early morning would make you feel happier.

So, 24hours in a day is more than just enough!

"Akuyangmencoret" ^_^